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We support Maryna and her family from Ukraine

In the first days of this terrible war, we decided, together with the owner of our office, to turn part of our office space into a place where the needy from Ukraine could live. Currently, we have three generations of Ukrainian women staying with us – a grandmother, mother, and daughter.

Maryna (mother) with her family came from near Kharkov, she tried to be there until the end. It was only at the urging of her brother, and out of concern for the safety of her loved ones, especially Anna (daughter), that she left for Poland. The ladies were completely unaware of what awaited them and where they were going. They managed to take with them only hand luggage. After several days of difficult travel, they stopped in Poznan.
Initially, they received help from the Worth Together Association, through which they came under our roof. Currently, Maryna supports herself, as well as mother and daughter, from casual jobs, keeping their needs to a minimum. To make matters worse, any help to them here and now (shopping, clothes, food, etc.) is met with opposition and a response – we can manage, we have everything.

The ladies would rather not burden us additionally, claiming that a roof over their heads is enough. However, we do not give up 🙂 and supply them with the necessities of life. But we also know that our guests are counting the days and following the events, hoping very much for the end of the war, wanting to get back together as soon as possible.


We have decided to use all the money saved and collected among us at Sentimenti to help them. We will donate the entire amount collected to help them rebuild their lives at home in Ukraine.
If anyone would like to support us for this purpose, we have set up a separate bank account. It serves only for expenses for Maryna and her family and the remaining amount will be transferred to her at the end of her stay in Poland. For their sake, we hope this will happen as soon as possible.

If you want to join to help, please get back to us!

Sentimenti sp. z o.o., ul. Krzywa 9, 60-118 Poznań

Thanks a lot!