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Emotions in the stock market. Sentistocks

Learn why emotions, not sentiment, matter most in forecasting financial instrument prices.

Take a look at our offerings aimed at investors and traders. For this moment for the crypto market, soon for more instruments.

Emotions in advertising. Sentiads

Advertising is all about the emotions it evokes for the viewer. Therefore, it should be accompanied by appropriate content.

We analyze the emotions surrounding the ad and thus the emotions of the ad’s target audience even before the ad is broadcast.

Categorising comments

Based on the analysis of sentiment and emotions in the content of comments and opinions from Internet users, automatic categorization is carried out.

This allows you to quickly see what the key contexts of the discussion are.

Emotional brand monitoring. Sentibrand

Brand awareness and accompanying emotions. All measured in a fast, automatic and fully objective way.

Do you know to what extent your brand stands out emotionally compared to the competition?

Chat(bot) full of emotions. Sentichat

With emotions analysis plugged into chatbots and chatbots, you will know immediately how your customer reacts versus how your operator reacts. With what emotion they start and end their conversations. We will tell you what content cools down emotion and what content does the opposite.

Make your customer feel as well taken care of as possible.