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Empathetic chatbot

Can chatbots have human traits?

A bot for conversation or business support? With the support of science and artificial intelligence, chatbots can evoke social and emotional reactions on the part of the real interlocutor. Chatbots have been around for years, but their popularity has only grown strongly in recent times. Many companies and industries are using virtual assistants to improve customer service and enhance interactivity.

Sentimenti’s solutions are able to gauge a user’s mood when interacting with a chatbot by using appropriate natural language processing models. By using real-time emotion analysis, the virtual assistant is able to match the communication to the feelings of the person it is communicating with.

An empathetic chatbot. How to create one? With our help!

It’s a great way for brands to further engage with customers in a personal, more empathetic way, which can ultimately positively differentiate themselves from the competition. Emotion detection goes beyond recognizing basic sentiment. All in an effort to identify what the user is actually feeling….

With us, the chatbot will be the human equivalent!

Case study | global chatbot solutions provider

At the client’s request, we anonymized the data. The cooperation consists of providing the client with real-time emotional analysis on the following sides: client, operator and bot. The goal is to improve communication, avoid difficult situations, respond empathetically and take care of the customer emotionally, qualitatively evaluate the operators’ work.

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