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Categorising comments

An objective, automatic and fast way to classify a large number of references. Not only in terms of sentiment.

Quickly and accurately find yourself in the thousands of opinions of your customers

You issue customer satisfaction surveys, collect their comments and opinions, and finally analyze what is happening in them. So far, it’s done manually, which takes a lot of time, and besides, people are not infallible at all. The Sentimenti algorithms will sort them out automatically for you. This will free up your employees’ time, give you unbiased, ready-to-use results – we will divide the comments into joyful, angry or sad, or just positive or negative. In the same way, we will group them into any categories that you use in your daily work.


Our offer is always tailored to the order. Do you need a report, or just a supplement to your results? Maybe you’ll need an application to classify your notes? You have already collected your comments, should we do it for you? Write to us and see how much more you can learn with Sentimenti.

How it works

Neural networks “understanding” the Polish language will quickly and effectively analyze all the comments you receive from customers or colleagues in the blink of an eye. They will also help you to analyze surveys or compare the results of an NPS survey with the comments of its participants. They will improve the daily categorization of comments on praise, questions or complaints on specific topics.

Our tools for measuring emotions and sentiment in Polish are probably the best on the market. Now we can additionally calibrate them for your needs and classification systems.

Find out more

We have chosen the articles on our blog that address the issue of categorization – we encourage you to read them. If you need more details, please write to us.