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Monitoring of emotions

Keep your finger on the pulse of changes in your brand’s online reputation

You know how much people are talking about you online. You check whether the number of mentions will change after the launch of the advertising campaign… Are you sure that the advertising campaign has generated positive emotions? Do you know to what extent your brand stands out from the competition? These and similar questions will be answered by our emotion monitoring. Or maybe you want to see if changes in emotion expressed online correlate with sales results or the number of hits on your website? We measure emotion, not just indicate which sentiment is being discussed. Our results are numbers that we can compare with any hard indicators by preparing a media report for you.

Case study | Polish Telecom Companies

On behalf of one of Poland’s telecommunications service providers, we analyzed its image. We compared it to how its competitors are perceived, especially in terms of the emotions evoked by the brands studied.

Read the report and see how much more insight you get by analyzing emotions, not just sentiment.


Our offer is always tailored to the order. Do you need a report or just a data completion? Write to us and see how much more you can learn by analyzing emotion in Sentimenti.


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