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The spring at Sentimenti promises to be an interesting one. When, in 2019, Sentimenti stopped being an NCBiR project and started as an independent business venture, we knew there were many challenges ahead. We created emotion analysis tools with very high accuracy, processing Polish based on the latest machine learning methods and linguistic knowledge. We are currently working with Interia or the National Cultural Center, and we want to develop further. Our plans include the English language, creating a plug-in for Chrome and improving the client panel.

Sentiments analysis – conquering English

Sentimenti’s tools “understand” the overtones of Polish-language texts better than most applications on the market today. We have long wanted to analyze other languages as well, primarily English. We will present the results of these plans as early as this spring.

The Sentimenti team is primarily linguists who created our tools and continue to improve them. Work on extending emotion analysis to English is already well advanced. They are coordinated by Dr. Jan Kocoń from the Wroclaw University of Technology, and he is supported by our chief developer Piotr Miłkowski.

A new artificial neural network is being developed, processing texts written in English in analogous ways to how our flagship product, emotion measurement for the Polish language, works. In our native language, we have achieved very high correctness, the errors of the automatic analysis compared to human responses do not exceed 2% of the intensity of any emotion, and the maximum deviation in a single text remains below 8%. We are confident that we will achieve comparable results in English.

The ability to analyze foreign-language texts will, as a first step, be used to develop the SentiStocks project, in which we analyze stock market trends and investor sentiment. Monitoring what is written about a given stock company and converting these mentions into a sentiment index has worked very well for the Stock Exchange. The addition of English will make it possible to expand the monitoring and thus make SentiStock available beyond the borders of our stock exchange.

Analyze any text and improve your

When we started working on Sentimenti, we focused on computational efficiency and the ability to process large volumes of data. This makes possible our collaboration with Interia, but also our daily practice of monitoring mentions on various, sometimes very popular topics and monitoring the brand against the industry.

However, we have always had in the back of our minds the voices of professionals involved in content marketing or public relations, who need tools to support them in creating texts.

We decided to create a plug-in similar to Language Tool or Grammarly. With it, it will be possible to check the tone of any text already published on a news site or social media. This functionality will be useful for all those who want to take a closer look at the language of the web. Our spring gift to writers will be the ability to also check your text and correct it on the fly. You will be able to see if the email you are writing expresses the emotions you had in mind. Does the promotional text really have a positive tone. Whether the press release is actually neutral.

Sentimenti, wtyczka do Chrome, pierwszy projekt

Plug-in for analysis of emotions in the text – the first fitting. If you would like to test this solution, please write to us, we will soon make it available to the public.

Spring at Sentimenti means new and nicer tools

Some of our clients are already testing the use of the Sentimenti panel. They have exactly the same tool in which our analysts work on a daily basis. It allows you to send XLSX and TXT files containing mentions or texts to the server for analysis and get the results of automatic measurement of emotions or classification of mentions.

The new Sentimenti panel will be much nicer and even more useful. In addition to handling communication with the server, it will also show us the initial results of emotion analysis – it will compile the averages of basic emotion and sentiment measures. It will also create ready-made charts that can be used in reports. In short, we are developing a dashboard for comprehensive emotion analysis.

Be with us in the spring

We are opening up to individual clients in need of text writing support tools. At the same time, we are sailing into the wide waters of the English language. We will be more user-friendly.

Sentimenti will probably forever remain a business-science project. We will not stop developing, we want to do research and improve our tools. Soon it will be possible to accompany us in several new ways.