We analyze sentiment and emotions in the content

We research emotional overtones using Artificial Intelligence to provide detailed reports to understand market sentiment, assess the quality of communication, avoid crises and better control business operations. We read emotions.


What’s the research on emotions?

The emotion analysis with Sentimenti tools starts with an automatic measurement of the emotions contained in any text and ends with a multidimensional report with interpretation of the results.

We use our research on emotions in language and artificial intelligence algorithms. Thanks to this, we measure the content of 8 basic emotions in the text (surprise, sadness, expectation, repulsion, joy, trust, fear, anger) and analyse their variability over time.

By the way, we can also indicate a multi-valued sentiment in the content.

How do we do it?

  1. Content

    We download content for analysis, e.g. comments in an online shop, chat records with customers or opinions from social media.

  2. Analysis

    We study content through proprietary technology using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  3. Interpretation

    We interpret the results of the research, automatically and sometimes additionally manually, by our team of experienced experts, to better understand the information contained in the analyses.

  4. The result

    We provide a final report tailored to the requirements of our customers.

    Raport z analizy emocji

How do Sentimenti tools work?

Sentimenti solutions have been developed through the cooperation of linguistic engineering and artificial intelligence using deep neural networks.

Simultaneously, we conducted psycho linguistic research with the participation of tens of thousands of Poles. This representative group assessed the emotions they feel for properly selected words, phrases and whole texts. We also use the latest solutions in the field of natural language processing, thanks to which we understand the texts we analyze better.

We provide results based on two models: 8 basic emotions proposed by Plutchik and a classic model of sentiment with a scale of polarization (positive, negative) and excitement for any text.

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Why should you investigate the emotions with Sentimenti?

  • monitoring of activity

    With us you have better control over your activities and feedbacks.

    monitoring of activity
  • image protection

    We help protect your image and detect potential crises faster.

    image protection
  • precise results

    We deliver precise results by breaking down into 8 emotions, sentiment and arousal.

    precise results
  • better decisions

    An in-depth analysis of emotional overtones facilitates making the right business decisions.

    better decisions

How can emotions measurement help your business?

If you want to know how emotion measurement can help in a specific situation in your company,
Fill in the form below or contact us at contact@sentimenti.com

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is emotion analysis?

    It is an automatic or semi-automatic study of feelings, impressions or opinions expressed on a given subject. It can consist of a request for the participants to indicate their emotions. However, statements are analyzed more often, especially those published online – then we talk about analyzing emotions in a text or even monitoring them. Of course, when thinking about emotions we count something that expresses them – words, whole texts, emoticons, likes and dislikes, the number of stars next to the opinion.

  • What is emotion analysis useful for?

    Monitoring emotions allows to measure the moods of investors and clients. It is also an early warning mechanism against crises. It can show the condition of communication with the client or internal communication in the company (growing anger in e-mails does not serve for good cooperation). It also shows how feelings about a chosen topic change over time, what temperatures are reached by public discussion in social media and more.

  • What are basic emotions?

    Any theory or analysis of emotions considers some set of basic emotions. For example, Ekman (joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, revulsion) or Plutchik (joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, revulsion, anger, expectation). There are many models and definitions of basic emotions. What they have in common is the belief that such feelings are painted on the faces of people from different cultures in the same way, basic emotions are an immediate reaction to evolutionary important stimuli (so we can share them with animals as well), and all the higher feelings can be described as assemblies of these basic ones.

  • What is Sentimenti doing?

    With our proprietary tools we analyze the content of emotions in texts written in Polish: Facebook posts, newspaper articles, emails, comments from clients. Thanks to this, we measure the temperature and effectiveness of communication, warn against crises, get to know market moods, we can also show what brands and names are best associated with.

  • Are you analyzing sentiment?

    Of course, we use two models of analysis of the overtones of the text: bivalent sentiment and 8 basic emotions. The latter is much more interesting and much more accurate in describing the emotional overtones of the content. We also measure sentiment more effectively and accurately – we use a multi-stage intensity scale for negative and positive overtones, as well as the strength of stimulation.

  • How to do an analysis of brand sentiment and emotions in social media?

    It’s best to collect entries – of the brand itself, comments under its posts, mentions on the profiles of other institutions and private individuals, and then harness artificial intelligence. Of course, you can manually mark posts as positive, negative, containing fear, anger or joy, but it’s better to rely on automatic taggers and classifiers – algorithms created by us.

    On our blog, we also write about how to conduct an analysis well, respecting statistics and scientific objectivity.

  • Why 8 emotions?

    We write extensively on our blog about 8 basic emotions from the Plutchik model. Each of the variables has a different meaning, and the analyses based on this model allow for better understanding of messages and predicting the reactions or behavior of the authors and recipients of messages.

  • Why should I use Sentimenti? After all, there are so many other solutions.

    There aren’t :). As the only one in Poland or maybe in the world, we analyze not only sentiment, but first individual emotions in the content. This is much more than it was available before. You’ll admit that it’s a different quality when you find out – as before – that a given text has a negative sentiment, and when – thanks to Sentimenti – you’ll see precisely whether it’s anger, repulsion or maybe sadness.

    Moreover, Sentimenti will show you how the same content is perceived differently by people depending on their age, education, material status, relationship status, having or not children, owners or not animals. Instead of sentiment, true emotion.


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