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9th Language & Technology Conference: Human Language Technologies as a Challenge for Computer Science and Linguistics. Poznań, Poland


Recognition of emotions, valence and arousal in large-scale multi-domain text reviews


Jan Kocoń, Arkadiusz Janz, Piotr Miłkowski, Monika Riegel, Małgorzata Wierzba, Artur Marchewka, Agnieszka Czoska, Damian Grimling, Barbara Konat, Konrad Juszczyk, Katarzyna Klessa, Maciej Piasecki


In this article, we present a novel multidomain dataset of Polish text reviews. The data were annotated as part of a large study involving over 20,000 participants. A total of 7,000 texts were described with metadata, each text received about 25 annotations concerning polarity, arousal and eight basic emotions, marked on a multilevel scale. We present a preliminary approach to data labelling based on the distribution of manual annotations and to the classification of labelled data using logistic regression and bi-directional long short-term memory recurrent neural networks.

Link: ResearchGate